Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Anniversary cake brings back memories

Their 15 year wedding anniversary had to be a special one according to the groom. He wasn't sure exactly what he was looking for, but he knew the cake he wanted for her should bring back memories of their special day for his wife. That worried me because some kind of idea would be better than a blank slate.
He swiped their framed wedding photo from her stand and brought it to me with direction to use the bouquet to come up with a design for their wedding cake. He was going to surprise her with an evening of memories.

It'd been over a year since I'd  done a cake like this, and I wanted badly to do a good job. I was nervous that I'd mess it up and thus ruin their anniversary.  Quite the opposite happened though. She was in awe over the cake and even more, that her husband thought up this meaningful scenario on his own. I am happy with the results. Considering it has been so long, I think I did a good job!

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