Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get Healthy Challenge

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THIS IS A HEALTH CHALLENGE! Read on to see what you can do, and see what we are doing.

As you may already know, obesity in America is a big problem. Even our kids have become increasingly heavier in recent years.

The health aspects of obesity are pretty scary considering the rise in people with diabetes...especially the kids with it!

What about blood pressure and heart conditions due to our weight and lack of exercise? How many of you that will read this have jobs where you sit most or all of the day? My guess is that most of us sitting for hours at a time don't add any sort of regular exercise to your daily activities.
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This is not only about weight though. Whether you are heavy, or in a normal weight range, we all still require daily exercise to keep our muscles, heart, and lungs in strong working order. Along with increasing the amount of exercise, our diets need to be healthy just as much when we are young as when we are older because it all adds up and molds our health as well as our habits.

The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution

I challenge you to join us on our healthy exercise challenge. Because I put hours and hours of work in every day sitting at the computer, I am concerned for my health. I realized quite some time ago that I needed more exercise. Partially because I sit, but more so now, because I have gained quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years.

I am nobody special. I do not have any education in health or nutrition beyond a lower level college class on Health & Wellness which I remember only partially! BUT...what makes me worthy of inviting or involving you in this challenge is that I am a so far, healthy woman that could use to shed some weight, and I especially need to train my heart and lungs to handle some decent exercise again. My life is heavily based on food, and that is not likely to change, so I have authority over me and exercise that I would like to both receive support for as well as provide support for those of you that also need a friendly show of support.

Come with me on this challenge for healthy exercise!

Here is the plan of action for incorporating some exercise into my daily life.

Walk every day for a minimum of 1 hour.
              ---That may not seem like much but it is an hour more than I do on a daily basis right now. This will be increased with time, but for now, this hour is tremendous!

Please refer to the link below for details on my plan. I will post progressive videos as time goes by and keep you updated on my daily challenge as I hope you too will challenge yourself and keep us posted. Lets get some community involvement in this, and we can compare notes, share success and failure stories in order to encourage each other and be a strong support network. I hope to see your updates. Comment below to accept this challenge!

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