Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alabama: Pecans, Pecans, and MORE Pecans

State Fair Recipes

One of my pecan trees
   If there is anything in Alabama in abundance food wise, it is PECANS!

I bet I have thought up a thousand ways to cook with them. Because I am newer to Alabama (coming from NY), I haven't really done a lot of baking with pecans, and being here, I have even learned to say it like they do here in the South (lol). Sounding like PA-CON instead of PEE-CAN!

In my own yard, I have 4 trees, all dropping pecans. The photo here was a couple of hours of gathering time from my own yard, and it equalled like 65 lbs of pecans. In total, and there are still plenty of them in the trees, we have gathered over 150 lbs of pecans from my own yard. That's way more than I can use this year, so we sold them. I have currently a 5 gallon bucket full and more falling!

That means I have plenty for holiday baking and trying new recipes out :o)

On my list of recipe ideas...

  1. Pecan Pie
  2. Pecan breaded chicken breasts
  3. Pecan breaded fish
  4. Pecan Dandies
  5. Salads featuring pecans
  6. Peach and pecan cobbler
  7. banana pecan bread
Stay tuned...I will submit the recipes as I do them. What pecan recipes are your favorites?

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