Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pies: When you need to make a crafty repair

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What happens when you are in a hurry and your time is ticking away. You are having a dinner party or a schedule to meet when you are finishing up the double crusted pie before you can finally bake it. The crust is perfect, and you lift it to gently place it on top of your filled pie when it completely falls apart on you.

If you work with pies and like me, go for the flakiest, thinnest crusts possible, than you know that this can be a sensitive area when you transfer thin rolled layers. And time??? Who has much of that to backtrack and make repairs?

Here is a crafty idea when you just cannot go back and roll another crust for the top of that pie waiting to go into the oven. 

I lifted this rolled dough and it tore in half. I had one hour to get cleaned up for an event, the pie would taked 40 minutes to bake, and I already had to transport it hot. Here is what I did.

I wiped my tears!
I took a cookie cutter out and started pressing shapes from the dough.
I quickly arranged all the dough that was there as good as I could, and the people that saw this pie thought I had done this intentionally. 

It's not always bad to make repairs, and it doesn't always have to end in tears or starting over. Be crafty and think creatively, and your crusts may look even better than they would have if everything went smoothly!

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