Monday, October 15, 2012

What are your Thanksgiving Traditions?

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As Thanksgiving draws near, I think about tradition. In my family, we always had 5 generations of us packed into the biggest of the family member’s houses, and our Thanksgiving meal was always the same. Later through the years, the numbers grew overwhelming, so we branched off into smaller family sections. I have to say though; I miss everyone being together for the holidays.

Our Thanksgiving meal consisted of a giant, stuffed oven roasted turkey as well as a huge ham. We had potatoes & gravy, and my mother was the gravy expert in our family. Nobody ever made it but her, and it was absolutely amazing. We had stuffing in the bird, as well as stove top stuffing. Our fruit salad was made with fresh fruit that all the women would sit down, and prepare together, usually while the men sat together in the living room, and all the kids did their own thing either indoors or out. Our relish tray consisted of sweet and dill pickles, cranberry sauce, olives, and a few other condiments I cannot recall at the moment. We never served veggies with our traditional meals which after we branched off, I incorporated for us.
I don’t recall any specific activities the family would get together on, but I have heard of families that have traditional holiday activities. I am curious to hear some of yours, as well as hear about your traditional meal, and any feelings or memories you have.

 I am going to share our traditional meal in the recipes page, but I am going to also share the way I have changed the whole family traditional meal to serve our evolution in taste and preferences. I have some cultural recipes included, as my Father (RIP) was Hispanic, so I grew to love much of the food! You will notice that the variety in our menu these days is of mixed cultures which only add up to the perfect ALL AMERICAN, new age traditions being built upon!

So let’s hear it! Tell me about your Thanksgiving holiday traditions. And watch for the recipes to be posted under “Thanksgiving.”

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