Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Shower Cake with handmade chocolate edibles

I made this cake for my nieces baby shower. It doesn't have the traditional baby shower theme, and to be honest, I did the cake like this for the couple because the wedding cake they purchased from another source was a complete flop. I wanted to make up for that and offer them something that would bring the wedding and baby shower feel together.

Everything on the cake was chocolate! The bear, little balls, name banner, and the rope at the bottom was made from mold-able chocolate. The ribbons and heart were made from melted chocolate.

This is the first time I attempted chocolate ribbons to assemble a bow, and I actually broke it and had to repair it before the shower. It was a great learning experience and if you can see the front ribbon in this picture, I actually perfected the method as I did the ribbons. I could have made them a bit thicker so they didn't break so easily.

The bear was fun to do. Solid chocolate sculpted by hand, and detailed using the end of a butter knife. I love his little hat :)

Cakes like this sell at $60 - $120 depending on the detail chosen.
This one used butter cream frosting on white cake and all hand made, chocolate edibles.

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