Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sweet 16 Party in planning!!!

Her 14th Birthday Cake
How many of you have teens? My youngest is almost 16 years old, and she is inching her way toward her 16th birthday. You know what that means right? Only the most pressure I will have until the day she tells me she is engaged to be married! Hopefully not until she is 40 but ya know...

The exciting, yet intimidating Sweet 16 Party that's completely in my hands is approaching quickly. My little girl; No, my BABY is growing up! This Sweet 16 Party has to be the best party she has ever had! So...what is a mom under this kind of pressure to do on a tight budget?

She has some demands:

  • An amazing, one of a kind rainbow cake. She showed me 2 examples, but that's not all...
  • She wants Ying Yangs and Mario Bros incorporated into this cake and still keep it feminine and elegant.
  • Strobe lights
  • The perfect music list...That's her job!
  • And so much food that I cannot begin to remember let alone share the details!
  • A place big enough to have a million friends dancing!
  • And the perfect dress!
I am terrified.

I have my to do list and my biggest fears are the cake and the menu. These she left to my better judgments and this party is so important to her that I'm afraid I wont deliver well. 

I have no real idea what I am doing where it comes to teen parties. That is especially true for my daughter that is approaching sweet 16. It has to be perfect!

So with all that said, please comment below with your ideas for her party! 

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