Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Available Soon: Handmade Cake Decorations

Roses of various sizes and colors as well as leaves
I am pleased to announce a new addition that I have decided to implement into my blogging, as well as my local area flea market trips. That means that even if you are not in my area, you can still purchase your party and cake decorations at affordable prices, and they would be shipped right to your address.

Sugar/Candy flowers and decorations
I have come to the conclusion that my number one passion is in cake decorating. I absolutely love the art that goes into creating beautiful cakes, so the decision to open my life to creating beautiful cake decorations was an easy one. I will be offering the following list of creative cake, cookie, and cupcake decorations to the public very soon. 

Fondant Flowers of various types and sizes
Chocolate Teddy bears and similar characters
Chocolate decorations and banners
Fondant bows and ribbons
Fondant shapes and pearls of various sizes
Sugar/candy decorations
Chocolate flowers of various types and colors
and MUCH more....

My goal is to offer you what you may want for all of your creative decoration ideas. You make the cake, and simply cover it with beautiful hand made decorations. 

I haven't ever really taken photos of my decorations, but that is about to change. 

Keep in mind that this is only a very small example of little things that I have actually taken photos of, and my creative sugar art has a very wide variety of items to choose from for any and all occasions.

Please follow me in this venture and stay tuned for my Opening update! Spread the word!

Scroll down to see more photos and more on how I operate.

Hand made Chocolate characters

Holiday Decorations

Bows of various colors and sizes

Holiday decorations
All of my Fondant and sugar recipes are home made from my home kitchen. I then begin crafting each piece in my dining room where I have a few longer tables to work on. I have covered plastic tents where I store the pieces for drying before they are wrapped up/sealed for storage and placed in plastic, covered bins until they are used, or in the case of sales, until I ship them. 

Since I do this from my home, even though all of my items are completely edible, I advise that the decoration be removed before serving your cakes, and they not be eaten. This is a standard required by AL food codes for preparation and sales from a home kitchen. I sell these as decoration and not as edibles!


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