Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Silver Platters to Tin Pans: It's all about a good time!

Okay...I must have been talking about cheese lol
As a child that really loved to be in the kitchen with my mother, I used to secretly dream of the dinner parties I would host one day. They consisted of champagne and caviar, with men in tuxedos and women in flowing gowns with big shiny jewelry. In my mind, there was all of these cute little foods on tooth picks floating around the room on silver and crystal platters with fancy napkins. The dinner table was a mile long to seat every person, with candles and crystal all the way down! A beautiful dream for a little girl right? I still think so, and although I see it all a bit differently now in my aging years, I still fancy the fancy!

Not from a lack of desire, but from a life long struggle with social anxiety, I don't actively seek social interaction outside my home and family. I live life, and I go places and do what needs doing, but being outside my comfort zone is a high anxiety task until I am comfortable with the people and the surroundings. I just feel more in control of myself, in my own space and time. It has been a struggle!

I love people, and struggling with this has always had me bringing people to me, in my own setting. That means hosting parties and events where I can invite new, old, and soon to be friends to a relaxing get together. Not at all like my childhood lead me to believe, but still, I like to offer the best environment I can with the budget I have to work with.

So where does that lead me today? I used to try way too hard to make everything perfect. Unfortunately, that only lead to me missing the party because I was doing busy work through it to keep everyone happy, and impressed of course! Kind of defeats the purpose of a social gathering while you are busy through the entire event!

I took my childhood flowing gown off, and replaced it with jeans and a sweater. My table shrunk considerably, so I pushed the coffee table to the perfect place for cute little munchies on tooth picks with extra sitting room, or better yet, I like to take it outside!

My crystal serving dishes suddenly became tin pans and crock pots, and my beautiful champagne glasses became cans of beer and mixed drinks in solo cups. 

Yes, since these days of realistic aging, I have fired my highly trained kitchen staff that I had as a child, and I recruited family and friends to do the work with me! That's right...what is a get together with out the famous "dish to pass" rule? Save money and time while allowing your party guests to share their own creations for the party as you and your guests blubber over what skill each dish maker has. You must know that people love to get recognition for their good deeds :)

To sum it up...

I am all about the dish to pass, buffet style, out door, disposable dishes, and beer scene. This way you have time for socializing at your event and no stress trying to do everything perfect while your party is partying without you.

But I still fancy the fancy, so what is a poor girl to do? It's easy! Schedule small, simple luncheons with a few of your favorite people. Set your table like you mean it with flowers and candles, and of course the fancy linens and your favorite wine. Have each friend prepare a dish to go with everything else that will be brought as well as what you will be preparing. A little scheduled planning between friends is always the perfect event and each guest has brought a highlight of their own!

Comment below and tell us about your events! Do you fancy the fancy or would you rather hang out with your guests and do it buffet style? What is your style?

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