Monday, February 4, 2013

Wealth vs. Wellness: The GMO Debate!

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's) have been a controversial topic since GMO's first were introduced to the market in 1994, when Calgene first marketed its Flavr Savr delayed ripening tomato. Read More here!

If GMO corn fed to rats over their life times, causes tumors and premature death (video + articles below), what is it doing to human beings? I have wondered a lot about whether some cancers and other medical problems that are prevalent today are in any way linked to GMO's. I personally believe many are.

Take a walk through this post at the resources here, and please share any information you may find as well. Its all scary and very sickening to me that the mighty dollar is so much more valuable than our human lives and wellness. I guess the same idea is true for environmental factors dealing with global warming and other controversies concerning wealth vs. wellness.

"Genetically modified foods (GM foods, or biotech foods) are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically, genetically modified crops. GMOs have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are much more precise than mutagenesis (mutation breeding) where an organism is exposed to radiation or chemicals to create a non-specific but stable change. Other techniques by which humans modify food organisms include selective breeding and somaclonal variation." Wikipedia

I wonder if they serve GMO's or Organics in the White House? 

I personally know many people (more female than male) who are sterile. They will never have children of their own and there may be many reasons for this, but I seriously believe at least a small portion of sterility is caused by GMO's.

Video: Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Did you know that Monsanto makes the pesticides Round up? How bout the fact that they also modify our seeds/crops to thrive with the use of Round up? Or maybe you know that not only are they an Agricultural company, they are also a weapons company! You will find the details with in the resources on this post!

Please scroll down to see more articles and videos that I have compiled for your knowledge, convenience and research.

More Info about this subject:

What You Need To Know About GM Foods Is Half The Story!

Video: Genetically Modified Foods, Pt. 1
You are probably eating genetically modified foods and don’t even know it. As much as 80% of all packaged foods contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). You have the right to know what you’re serving your family. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about GMOs and what they mean for your health.
Dr. Mercola
Act Now to Stop Genetically Engineered Fish from Receiving Approval

Organic Vegetable Gardening

There are so many articles and videos out there. Both for and against GMO's, I tend to take the safer side in my way of thinking. Its not about politics for me...its about living well and maximizing our health as the human race. Where will we be in 100 years when it all comes in solid proof? It will be too late unless we act on at least our own behalf right now. I feel that going organic may be in the works for my family. Better be safe than sorry!

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