Monday, March 25, 2013

OMG Fish Sticks - A Real Budget challenge!

Fish sticks are one of those things that people that normally don't eat fresh fish will eat. That's how I have seen it anyways, and they are great for getting the little ones to eat that aren't quite ready to enjoy seafood at its best.

That being said...WHERE'S THE FISH in FISH sticks that you buy breaded and frozen at the grocery store?

Don't get me wrong, I actually buy fish sticks when there are sales, and usually in that case, they are large quantities.

My teen daughter does not eat meat, so with our low budget, I try to include lots of fish and seafood for her, but it can be expensive getting any kind of quality.

While we may be eating pork chops, my daughter may choose the simplicity of fish sticks or nuggets that we can either fry or bake easy enough...she is no cook!

I have 2 giant bags of fish sticks and my groceries are dwindling. I am searching the web over for ideas on what I can do with some of these fish sticks in order to stretch the food just a bit further than I thought it would go. Prices have gotten out of control, and recently, I feel as though I really have nothing to work with.

I must tell myself that I have raised 3 healthy children, and its always been on a tight budget, so I can do this!

I ran across this Fish Stick Casserole recipe at

Its a recipe that calls for ingredients I do not have at the moment, as well as some I do have, only in a different potatoes!

I guess it is time to put my hobo hat on and come up with something that will work with what I have to utilize.

My thoughts are in these ingredients: and thats a maybe to any listed...we shall see.

Fish sticks of course
Potatoes, pastas or rice
stir fry veggies
american cheese.... I really have no clue lol.


Sounds interesting right?
It sounds scary, but my money goes to the fact that I will prevail in creating a budget friendly recipe for fish sticks that they will enjoy!

Keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best! I think I can...I think I can...I think I can!

Nah...I CAN! laughs :)

Stay tuned for another crazy but satisfying recipe on a tight budget!

Update since I posted this! I scored! I made fish and veggie burgers with my fishsticks. They are a keeper for my no meat daughter and I guess comparable to crabcakes! 
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