Friday, April 5, 2013

10 Pointers for Cooking with Kids

Many of us here in the Foodie communities have little ones at home, and with us all day. I find that sometimes it is difficult for me to bake and cook certain things with my 5 year old grandson. Usually, it's just him and I here all day, and of course I cannot just push him away, or ignore him. He needs company too, and he enjoys working with Nana. Most kids do if you make it fun and include them in what you are doing.

I have seen a few videos around of foodies and crafters that do tutorials with their kids around, and frankly, some of the people that I am referring to are down right mean to the kids to
1. keep quiet,
2. stay out of the cameras view, and
3. not get involved in the process.
I disagree.

I know that people want their video projects to be professional, and kids are anything but professional. Truth is, I would rather watch the kid, and the learning process for the kid than a stuffy, all for one video. It seems more famly oriented, and tells it's own story about you...who you are!

If you have kids that are content without being with you and interacting, all the power to you, but in my world, I have an attention seeker. He don't want to play alone, and we all need to be part of something. I say he is my partner, and if he can add some real world, kid interaction to my videos...he is in!!!

I began doing the video below when my grandson was with his mother. Half way through it, he returned, and since he and I always cook together, he was all for it, but he has never been here when I have done videos. He added a warmth to this video that I really love. Who are we baking for?


Here are a few ways that I include my grandson, Dustin, into my cooking, and baking.

  1. Pre-measure all of your ingredients and let him add them when it is time for each addition.
  2. If you have the extra ingredients, let him do his own batch along side you. This is a good chance to learn start to finish hands on.
  3. If you are working with a mixer, let him use the hand mixer with your hand over his guiding it. Don't let go, it could be disasterous.
  4. Let him operate the stand mixer with help of course.
  5. Make a batch of cookies the night before with him and while you are doing your cooking, he can be frosting and decorating the cookies.
  6. Work an assembly line with him. You do one step, he does the next, and back to guy loves this!
  7. When kids absolutely cannot be involved in your cooking, like if you are frying or other dangerous things, set them up with something they already know how to do, give them the video camera and let them do their own tutorial or cooking show, or maybe they just want to sing:). You can edit with them later and let them have their own YouTube channel, or give them a spot on yours. Play kitchens are perfect to allow them to mimick what you are doing.
  8. When you are producing videos, let them take part. They are part of your life and believe it or not...your viewers appreciate seeing the important people and parts of your life!
  9. Let them crack eggs, crush, cut or break things up for your recipes. My guy cuts with a butter knife when I have softer things to cut.
  10. Give them a rolling pin, and cutters with some dough, biscuits, or even fondant and some direction of what you expect them to do. Serve their creation with dinner for everyone to be proud of and rave over :)
There are so many ways to include your kids in everything you do. The very most important thing is that you do not push them out of what you yourself love, and teach them as you go. There is no better way than hands on...together!

Tesco offers a Cooking with Kids section of their site that has a lot of useful recipes and information. Not only that, there are many other features of Tesco that will aid in recipes, shopping and more. Its just a great site all around for foodies!

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