Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bloggers Resource: Automatic monetizing that is perfect for newer bloggers
Many new bloggers are searching for ways to monetize their websites or blogs. More often than not, new bloggers pour a lot of time into learning how to work their affiliate programs, and we sign up for so many that they are very time consuming and confusing. That's not even saying the time spent on organizing the different affiliate networks details.

I have discovered something simple and effective where it concerns monetizing your blog or website. This is especially good for us newer bloggers that are just trying to start and earn a little bit for what we do every day!

SkimLinks offers a discreet affiliate/referral program that does not clutter your site with banners and ads, and the only thing you have to do is insert a bit of code. The rest is self sailing! All you do after inserting the code provided to you by SkimLinks is write. Isn't that what we do every day anyways? Watch the video below and see how easy and care free it is!


I was confused at first honestly. It was just too easy to do, especially once I saw that I had already earned money on the first day of inserting the code into my template.

Previously, I had signed up as an affiliate to many different websites. I actually lost track of some of them, even though I still have their links on my blog in past posts.

Using SkimLinks actually searches for key words, and links on your site and it creates affiliate codes for them automatically. You earn with words and any links you may already have on your blog, as well as new ones you will add.

SkimLinks has a lot of popular merchants, and all you have to do is mention them and or link to them or their products. SkimLinks does the rest.

I searched the Food & Drink category on SkimLinks merchants, and the list was unstoppable.
Here is a short list of merchants available to utilize for monetizing, and you will see that it isn't difficult at all to include them into your daily blogging.

and MANY MANY more!

There is very little effort on our parts to do much of anything other than write! I thought it was too easy to be true too, and that's why I had to tell everyone about SkimLinks. If you are a newer blogger, trying to monetize your site for the time and energy you put into it, than SkimLinks should be at the top of your list!

Its FREE, fast and easy! The BEST affiliate network I have seen, and the easiest to earn from!

Try it, and let us know what it does for you in 1 month. I am now ready to clean the extra clutter from my blog from other affiliate programs I have used that have yet to work for me.

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