Sunday, April 21, 2013

Choosing Added Kitchen Storage Options without Building or Remodeling

The time has come to start thinking about ways to organize my kitchen and the little bit of space I have to work with.

Our floor has been in the middle of repair, so it is currently just the bare wood which needs a patch in front of, and under the sink area where the old dishwasher leaked forever before anyone knew it. That has been slow going though because of a couple of reasons. The first being that my husband does everything himself as a carpenter. It saves us a ton of money, but takes longer than I'd like because he works hard already.

The second reason that we have waited to invest in the new floor is that we are debating on whether or not to get into a newer, or less of a fixer upper house. I love this house, but its old and needs a lot of work. More work than we were initially aware of. I would like to get out from under the hassle of it, and into something a bit more modern that we don't have to make into a timely, expensive project.

My husband and I agreed that since all of our kids except the baby, who is now almost 16, are out on their own, it is time to downsize. Get into something more affordable and more manageable where it comes to repairs. We are moving, but I'm sure it will take some time to find what we are looking for.

I'm not fussy. I am quite easy to please where it comes to making the best of things, so I strongly believe we should decide on a new place that will save us money as well as fit it up work.

With that said, I have thought about ways to make this kitchen more efficient with space, without putting too much time and money into it when we know we won't be staying.

Racks are the way to go. I can purchase racks fairly cheap at Walmart, but I have also seen some pretty thrifty deals on Amazon, and Ebay as well.

I don't need a lot right now. I am just thinking about cupboard space and bringing things down to my level since I am only 5' 2".

At Walmart, the Atlantic 6 shelf Can Rack would be the perfect solution for cans that I currently cant reach without a stool.

This would fit perfectly in the area where the dishwasher was, and I could get to my cans easier.

It would also free up some cupboard space for things currently stored in closets because I don't have room in the kitchen and I don't use all the time, like my holiday cake pans and seasonal things.

Another option would be this 3 shelf rack from Amazon, which is cheaper, but I would have to get a couple of them.

Ebay has some storage shelves, and I like the over the door shelves like these, but I only have 1 door to use that swings the wrong way. It would make it so my kitchen door that leads to the patio/carport didn't open all the way. It would work, and I really like this option, but I think it would just be awkward.

I am still looking around, but I think the  Atlantic 6 shelf Can Rack would ultimately be the best option for the space where the dishwasher was.

If you have any other suggestions...PLEASE comment here and send them my way!
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