Friday, April 26, 2013

Make Your Own Rice Flour

Rice flour can be used in so many different ways, yet when you look at prices, it just might be worth the effort to make your own.

Walmart carries white rice flour that you can buy online conveniently, but you have to buy it in multi packs. The general prices range from $8 - $10+ per pound. You can get a 20 pound bag of white rice for under $10. Where's the deal when you know that its easy to make it yourself?

You can use any type of grain rice. I used long grain white rice which I buy in bulk at Walmart or Sams Club for a fraction of the amount I would spend on rice flour.

My favorite thing to do with rice flour is make rice paper or wraps. I do it because I like to, and I  do save money doing things on my own rather than buying everything prepared.

I will be posting a video on how to do rice paper soon, but for now, I will just show you how to make your own rice flour.

I never make a lot of rice flour at once because I don't use it all the time (yet). If you have a gluten free diet, than you may choose to make more rice flour so that you always have it on hand.

You don't need an expensive grain mill to make your own flour. I enjoy coffee, so I have a coffee grinder. Its just a little thing that grinds a about cup of coffee beans at a time, and this little grinder does the trick in about 1-2 minutes time.

You could probably even use a food processor witha chopper inside it. Anything that is intended for liquids, shredding, or slicing will not work. You need to pulverize your rice grains, so it must be a grinder type machine or attachment. My coffee grinder was less than $10, and although I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer with the grain mill attachment capabilities, I don't want to spend over $100 on it.

If you are interested in attachments, they are available online for same and similar prices.

Chefscatalog also offers small mills at fairly decent prices.

When I am grinding my rice to make rice flour in my coffee grinder, I keep it running until I see only fine flour, then I shake it around to get any missed grains. You can hear it if they are there. Once you get it all finely ground into rice flour, pour it out into a clean, dry dish, and contiue the grinding until you have the amount you need. 

Once you have all of your grinding done, start sifting into another container just to be sure you have no left over whole grains floating around. have rice flour to use any time you need it!
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