Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Review 4/21/13 - 4/27/13

This past week has been a good one!

As always, I try to make the most of our smaller food budget, while still giving my family what they desire.

Below is a run down of what we have done through the week. I will continue these updates every Sunday! 

I have decided that I absolutely LOVE Italian Pearled Farro!!!

An interesting experiment that went OOOOH so right. I will do these again and again. Maybe even try other meats or veggies :)

An American Classic recipe turned cheesy with some added little joys!

What started as wannabe chowder turned clean and clear keeping the budget in mind completely!

Childhood memories have an impact on my food. This is a blast from the past that warms my heart with every crispy creamy bite.

This weeks Top Recipe 
The obvious winner...done with rice flour crunchy goodness. A serious new love where it comes to keeping your breaded buffalo wings crunchy.

For the "Do It Your-Selfers"

I'm just a do it yourself kinda girl! Kitchen play really :)

Have you seen the prices of rice flour? Take a look at Walmart's nuts, so why not save some money where you can?

My Projects

A Personal Note

Sundays with Family...making relationships better and creating traditions for our childrens present and future!

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