Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Stroll Down Memory Lane: Donuts

My siblings and I are the oldest of our cousins. We were the first to experience the thrill of cutting donut holes with bottle caps, and smelling the fryer working on overdrive.

My Aunt Kathy is my mothers twin sister. I remember sitting at her kitchen table with my brother and sister, who are both older than me. It was the best childhood mess we were ever allowed to make.

Someone would cut circles with a biscuit cutter, and pass it down the line, until each of us had an equal number of dough circles. Once all of those circles were cut, we were allowed to cut the center out with the tops
from 2 liter plastic bottles. These were our donut holes, and we anticipated sugar coating them, and finally, tasting them.

We always assumed that the ones we cut were ours. That was not the case...we had to share! Go figure!

I would sit there at the table watching aunt Kathy frying those donut holes. We had bowls of sugar, powdered sugar, sugar and cinnamon, and cocoa in front of us, just waiting for us to roll our warm donut holes into them, covering our hands in the sugars, so in the end, we could lick our fingers clean.

The waiting was excruciating, but when the time finally came to test them out, we were in heaven. They tasted much like Krispy Kremes do today. I wish I had her recipe, but I believe it has disappeared over the years.

I have developed my own donut recipes, and I must say, the tradition remains through me.

My own kids loved it as much as I did, and now my grandchild also has his own donut days!

It is so easy to go to the local bakery, Krispy Kremes, or Dunkin Donuts, for donuts. Even stores like  Walmart and Target are selling pretty tastey donuts now-a-days. Its not the donuts themselves that made us so happy. It was the tradition of getting together with family and working together to create them.

Here is my recipe for sweet yeast donuts. I also do cake donuts, but prefer the yeast donuts to fill and frost. And of course we must do traditional donuts with soda bottle top cut outs...


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