Monday, April 29, 2013

Sundays with Family - Baked French Toast, Strawberry Muffins 4/28/13

Another Sunday has come for our traditional Sunday meal with the family. Usually we have around a dozen of us here. My Mom, my daughters, and myself work together to prepare a nice meal.

This benefits us in a couple of ways. The first, and most important is that we build on our relationships as we age. Our mothers get older, and so do we...we keep the daughters around for memories of our own youth...just kidding!

Too Young To Be Grandmother sweatshirt 

The second beneficial idea about a regular family meal event is that when each person or family/couple attends, they bring a dish to pass (if they can) or chip in for necessary ingredients for the meal. It gives each of our pockets a little sunshine by saving on what we would otherwise spend on a complete meal.

We had a little scare this week. My step father had a little episode where we thought he had a stroke, so he went to the emergency room. We aren't exactly sure what happened with him at this point. He did start feeling better after a while, and the hospital released him saying he MAY HAVE had a TIA. He is okay now thankfully, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Also, my brother and his family had other plans and didn't show, so there was only 6 of us there for the meal which kind of bummed me out, but....

Angelia (Left) Jessica (Right)
It was still a great day with both my daughters, my husband, and my grandson.

These are my girls...yes...funny girls lol!!! The taller one is my baby and will be 16 in May! My oldest daughter is 21.
This week, mom requested a french toast bake, so my brother picked up some Texas Toast, mom picked up some ingredients and with all our contributions to baked french toast, none of us spent much on this dish.

My oldest daughter had 24 ounces of strawberries. I have made one 12 ounce bag into a chunky strawberry, melon, and banana glaze/syrup for those who would rather have fruit than maple syrup. With the other bag, I whipped up some nice little strawberry muffins.

I decided that I would mix the meats a bit. I have ground sausage and bacon....MUST HAVE BACON :o)

Next week will probably be just us because my mom is traveling to NY for 10 days.

A cute little story about the whole emergency with my step father is that I have always taught my grandson, who is a super hero fan, that the real life super heros are police, military, fire fighters, and medics.

When the ambulence got to my house, my 5 year old grandson was asking the medics if they were real super heros. They denied their power, but I set it straight for him! They are real life super heros if the idea behind super heros is saving / helping people :o)

It was a good Sunday over all, despite the emergency and no show!

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