Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sundays with the Family

Every Sunday, my family comes together for a day of baking between the women, and a nice meal together. Not only do we get to hang out with everyone together, we also save some money for the week's groceries because everyone brings part of the meal. It may be a dish to pass, or it may be just a part of the ingredients list.

The family that actually lives in Alabama to be able to do this each week consists of my Mom and stepfather, my brother and his son, my brothers daughter who is married with a son of her own, my daughter, her fiance and my grandson, and my son and his fiance. That makes 14 people all together, if everyone comes. My son lives a five hour drive, so he is not able to come every week, so I round it out to a dozen as thats usually what we have for family guests.

Last week we made onion rolls together, for pulled pork sandwiches. This week we are making the desert. Cream Puffs!!!

We are having Creamed Pepperoni on toast...of course with homemade bread :)

We will add peas for color...nevermind the heath lol.
My mom is bringing her amazing macaroni and cheese too which is fine by me because I cannot resist homemade mac and cheese!

We haven't thought about next Sunday yet, but will discuss it through the day.

Any ideas for something yummy next Sunday? Please leave us a comment and share your ideas!

I buy large bags of High Gluten Flour from Sams Club for my breads. I love the prices and its the perfect flour for good bread!

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