Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 10 Lists: Google+ Food & Recipe Communities

Are you on Google+ yet?

If you use Google+, and you love lots of recipes from around the world at your finger tips, this list of my top 10 food communities is for you!

If you don't have a Google+ account yet, you are missing out on the greatest social network to date (In my opinion.) It's easy  and free to get an account, and you will have access to all of these great communities...and more!

I chose these specific communities because of the laid back environment of them and the members, and the fact that I have been a member in all of them. There are not a lot of stuffy rules and you can browse, post, and share within categories that are pretty forward. They are all great communities for people looking for recipe archives, as well as for foodies to share recipes.

Top 10 food communities on Google+ (In no particular order). Browse through hundred of recipes from around the world, and share your own if you wish. There is a lot of information throughout these communities listed here, that will provide direction, information, tips and tricks, and so much more for new cooks to seasoned chefs. The resources are awesome with a great feel of community involvement!

Drum roll please...................

I have a FaceBook page as well, but recently, within the past couple of months, FB has made some changes that have minimized my use of that network. I was unable to interact with other pages because my posts were sent to spam. This has happened to many food bloggers, and if you are not interacting, it is more difficult to grow your page, and have new people seeing your content. I still use it daily, but not the way necessary for growth.

I say come to Google+ where its real, and you can see so much more!

A few more great places to get great recipes and resources are:

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