Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet 16 birthday cake

My youngest child reached the age of 16 this month and I have reached the age of empty nest anticipation.

She plans on graduating high school here in Slocomb, AL, and moving back to NY for college. I am excited to see my butterfly succeed in her dreams, but at the same time, I worry because this is our baby going out into the world with  out me.

It is a scary yet beautiful next few years I have to look forward to now.

My birthday girl, Jessica, had a very specific plan for her sweet  16 cake.

She Wanted black fondant splashed with rainbow colors, and a flowing display of roses in every color of the rainbow.

I used royal icing in 6 colors, and splashed the black fondant covered cakes. Royal icing dries hard like candy and the colors brighten as they dry. I would have splashed this cake a bit lighter now that I have seen the results.

The cake it's self also layered 6 colors of the rainbow, leaving out indigo.

The cake was time consuming and I had problems with the thin layers falling apart, so if you decide to make thin layers, I recommend always using paper in your pans so it breaks free easier and doesn't fall apart on you.

I used marshmallow fondant because it tastes better than regular fondant. For the rainbow splash, I used royal icing.

Each color of rose going down the cake had a few extra roses to give them all a fanned out as they cascaded down and around the cake.

I will be sure to work on a step by step tutorial with recipes for this cake as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the step by step progress, so I will be repeating this cake with just one layer for the tutorial.

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