Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shipping Gumpaste Cake Decorations is More Difficult than I thought!

I have been selling sugar decorations for a while. Mostly for caterers, but more recently, I began shipping them by mail. I see many other websites that offer sugar decorations by mail, and it appears to be successful for them. It has not been easy or successful for me.

Larger, more durable decorations do fine by mail while the smaller, more delicate ones have been a broken mess on arrival. I have packaged and repackaged according to what has worked for others and still, not one delicate order has arrived to a customer without at least a few breaking. The only fix to this issue that has kept customers happy has been sending extra to make up for the broken ones. That's loss any way you look at it.

Here is an example of a sale that went terribly wrong. 2 dozen black eyed Susan's. The first time I sent them, half broke. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and secured in a box so they didn't move and shift around. I never shipped these until that order, so I figured they would be fine since they were fairly small. That was not the case. I hurried and sent 2 dozen more to the customer along with a free gift of the lady bugs family. 

The second time, I packed the flowers, I glued them to a waxed card using small dots of royal icing. I have secured other decorations this same way with out trouble. I also used soft foam pieces to secure them from being crushed. I wrapped the foam cards with bubble wrap and they fit the box securely so they weren't moving around. They got there in one piece, but the customer couldn't get them off the card without breaking them. It was simply a nightmare!

I have watched videos and read numerous blogs with "How To's" on packaging gumpaste and or fondant flowers with no luck reproducing their better results.

I have decided to put shipping flowers on hold while I come up with a safer way to package them. With that said, I ask for all of your suggestions for packaging my delicate little beauties.

My plan is simply to ship them to myself or relatives for testing. I have already tested the packed boxes for 5 day trips and during my testing, I may not have been as rough as the post men because they came out of the box fine. If I ship them to myself or a relative, they will go through all the motions as it really happens. This will prove to be both time consuming and cost money I really cant afford to spare, but hopefully it allows me to start shipping more delicate flowers again.

I want to thank you all in advance for any and all input that could offer help!

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