Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alabama Journal: Entry #1 Changes to a new beginning!
Once again, my life is changing. Many of you are aware that my families move to Alabama from New York was a decision based on the fact that both my mother, and my husbands mother lived in Alabama. My husbands mother passed away this year, and my moms husband, Joe, had a massive stroke.

Joe has been in rehabilitation to get his legs and arm moving again, but is due home in just a couple of days. Thats great news and he and my mother have been through hell through this whole ordeal. They have decided that its time to return home to New York where there is more family and familiarity. It is sad, but I can honestly say that going back is the right thing for them. I worry about my mom and I know she will be happier and healthier in New York.

So, what does that mean for us when we are left here without everyone we moved here for after just a year and a half? Life goes on! I am not crazy about being here alone, but we are only just now catching up from losing it all for the move. My husbands work/business partner (my brother) is also going back to NY when my mother does. Sounds like we are pretty screwed, but I have this gut feeling that sticking it out here will provide a few, not yet explored opportunities for us that wont show until we are able to cut ties to current projects and move on for growth. If that makes sense without putting it in your face!

With this personal post, I have decided to begin our "Alabama Journal," where I will be posting various things about our life in Alabama. Much of my posts to the Alabama Journal will be things I learn as I go. Gardening is one of those things, and I am passionate on learning the ropes in AL. There will be plenty more topics, as well as video of Alabama food and fun.

Things you can look forward to if you live in this area is a new Barbeque "Drive Thru," that will be up and running between January and March of 2014. This is my husbands project that has been detailed very well.

Another highlight will be the availability of fresh baked breads and other fresh baked goods that I recently sold at the market, but stopped because the money wasn't there at the time with the methods I had to work with. The best part of this is that if you know my pizza, you love it, and those pizzas will be sold as well if it goes as expected.

We are also on the look out for purchasing a food truck. I will keep you all posted on these plans throughout this and next year. Don't forget though, we are working with a lower income and it takes time as we put money into our projects. Chances are that we will be getting an old bus and modifying it to our needs. Yes, my husband is great at this and has quite a lot of experience modifying vehicles.  It should prove to be some interesting updates to this Alabama Journal.

I also still offer cakes for any occasion, and other baked goods as requested. I bake from my home kitchen, and if you are interested in Home Baked Goods from Slocomb Alabama, don't hesitate to text or call (334)718-9045. Please "Like" us on FB through the link above!

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