Monday, September 30, 2013

Sundays with Family: Weekly Review

This week, our Sunday meal was boiled dinner, or corned beef and cabbage. I think cabbage is one of those foods you either love or hate. I love this meal and we don't have it that often for some reason.

I use corned beef brisket, cabbage cut into 1/4's or 1/8's depending on the size of the cabbage heads, potatoes peeled and halved, and baby carrots. You can use a crock pot or the stove top, or I have even let the oven do it at a lower heat all day. Its clean and simple; add water to your prepared ingredients, add vinegar to the water according to your own tastes.

I love the dinner with a stronger vinegar taste that's been boiled through everything. I have so many people to eat that I use a very large stockpot and its so full that I could use a quart of vinegar in our pot.

Not only did we have our traditional Sunday dinner together, we also had my grandsons 6th birthday party.

I designed a Mario cake because this boy is hooked on Wii.

Busy boy = Busy cake!

At the time I did this cake, I had to hurry because I sort or did most of it in the last minute so I had to teach my oldest daughter that helped me get some of the fondant decorations on it. It was a very good first time for her with this type of decorating. We had to hurry as I said, and I think she hates fondant now!

I guess its not for everyone!

I will get a total rundown of how we did this entire cake ASAP...I seem to lack time for a lot these days.

Now for our weekly review.

For The Bread Diaries, I did a post on working with whole wheat flour.

The Bread Diaries: Whole Wheat Flour

If you click the link above to the Bread Diaries, you will see what the whole wheat posts were for if you don't remember from the photo above. I added a couple of whole wheat recipes and one of those was from my 16 year old daughter Jessi.

I modified a recipe that was posted by a FaceBook user because I lacked an ingredient listed. This Mississippi Roast turned out mouth watering delicious, and I used a berry wine.

Mississippi Roast

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